Unplugged Week 10

Well my old peptides are fighting with me in a harsh way. I’ve changed the reading and I am feeling overwhelmed and tired. My body wants to give up and has come up with all kinds of excuses to not continue with MKMMA. My spirituality goal is to finish MKMMA and that keeps bringing up unwelcome feelings every time I look around and see  my shapes or read my readings, this is torture on my soul. I need to stop the avoidance game, for it is not helping me in anyway. I need to push through and get caught up on my obligations and climb this wall I am pushing into right now.” Lean into the Struggle” for this will make me stronger and I know once I get back onto par I will feel my break through. I enjoy reading other MKMMAers journey and I’m so happy to hear the insight that oozes through their blogs. I guess I am a bit envious because I wish I was good at articulating my thoughts on paper or even expressing them in a way that is graceful and thoughtful.

Master Keys 10-22

Wisdom, strength, courage and all harmonious conditions are the result of power and we have seen that all power is from within; likewise, every lack, limitation or adverse circumstances is the result of weakness, and weakness is simply absence of power; it comes from nowhere, it is nothing — the remedy then is simply to develop power, and this is accomplished in exactly the same manner that all power is developed, by exercise.

This statement means more to me that ever thought, especially in the state of mind I have. Tonight as I write this blog I am creating power by pushing through, doing what I need to do even though my head really doesn’t want to do this, but as I almost finish this blog I already feel a since of accomplishment and my load that seemed so overwhelming has now lightened. All I need is one more blog and I have time to work on that tomorrow what a relief. Its like going to the gym, the best part of going to the gym is leaving the gym after a good workout. I hope anyone reading this understands my journey I just experienced though resistance and paralysation of to much pressure. I know I am not the only one whom has felt like this before. Good luck to all pushing through their adversity’s.  Tomorrow my load is lighter, the power I created will continue to grow for as I finish up another blog with insightful processes my journey again will have taken my depth of persistence has just increased.




What shall we Think? Week 9


I have really enjoyed the MKMMA readings this week. I’ve gotten so much out of the thought of Unlimited power. All mans desires are wrapped in health, wealth and love. This is so true for myself, the longer I live the more I appreciate my life and continue to do things that help maintain my health.

Wealth, is what I am working on. Creating more financial wealth and spiritual wealth each day as I chip away of my old ego. This is a area that I’ve struggled in for many years and at times became very complacent and have not grown because I am not sure how to grow or I am tired of spinning my wheels and going no where. It’s not that I give up, but I stop. I need to find a new plan but the plan seems to keep me spinning once again. Today I am breaking through and I am gaining traction from all my spinning. I feel my higher power working in magical ways to help me have a break through. I don’t think it will happen today but each step I take will bring me closer and closer to my goals.

And then love. I love to love but I love to hate. At times I become very judgmental not only on others but on myself. I will look at others for judgment to build myself back up. This is not the person I want to be. I want to share love with all I meet, greet and have contact with. I want to build a bridge of connections. For we are all Gods children with qualities to be admired, including myself. Each person that crosses my path in life I will learn from. that is why God has sent them to me.

To know the Truth is to be in harmony with the infinite and omnipotent power. Every action which is not in harmony with truth will result in discord, and eventual loss. What a deep statement. One thing I’m constant with, is my honesty. I believe others are as well. I check with others to see if my honest perception is similar to theirs. I see and hear others sharing their lives in a honest way but they have a different perception then what I’ve seen, heard, felt at times. I feel that another important aspect in honesty is asking others for feedback. We are all human and I am not looking for fault or to blame, hurt or to discount. I am simply saying if you don’t ask for feedback from others who have your best interest at heart you never really know if your being truly honest.  I’ve said things which I thought where honest until I really looked at the situation and receive feedback. This is something we all do. When you walk into a store and the worker asks how’s your day is? what do we all say? Good, Fine, well, or ok. The truth is I am sad, upset or maybe excited. My reaction of telling a white lie does not help me, the worker or the situation. Now I am not saying you need to tell all, to everyone, what I am saying is, stay in turn with truth and stay in turn to the unlimited power we all have access to.

Until next time my Friends,

Take Care

Nicole Kearley

Freedom and Chains Week 8

Thought results in action, if your thought is constructive and harmonious, the results will be good; if your thought is destructive or inharmonious, the results will be evil.

What a statement for me, this past week for me has been challenging my thoughts every second of the day almost and noticing that I create a jail for myself when I insist on thinking my own way all the time. As I began to challenge my thinking and practicing the law of substitution, what I found is that my days become lighter and more productive. I found that I became more sensitive to others miserableness and found it difficult to be around. as Og states Always will I dig for a reason to applaud; never will I scratch for excuses to gossip. when I am tempted to criticize I will bite my tongue. The people I am working with daily like to complain and not so much gossip but are set in their ways of doing things, just as I am, but as I am breaking away from the chains of destruction it is so easy to be chained up.  It is easier to stay chained to mediocrity, its easy to stay the same. I know how to live that life and I know how to control the chaos that I have lived in for the past 6 years. This week I’ve found a new kind of freedom. a freedom where I don’t need to be tied to others thoughts, feelings or behaviours. I only am responsible for me; the truth is, that all that stuff is none of my business. The only business I have, is doing my readings, my blogs, and focus on my DMP. My new self is taping into a life free from others stuff. On November 24th I wrote in my journal, “I don’t care to grow, for my life is pretty good, but as I ‘m growing it feels good. I feel more confident, loving and energized then ever before. My life is going to be what I make it and for the few extra activities I recently have injected into my life they seem to be paying off.

Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. (Sannskrit)

We always have a choice. The choices we may be faced may not always be the choices we want but we always have a fork in the road and we can take the road less travel or the easy way. I choose the road less traveled.


OMG Week 7

Well good day, not a whole lot is going on besides the fact that I am playing caught up. I’ve decided to do something a bit different for my readers because this blog is all about my journey of personal development and I want to share some of great videos of things I have done, or put myself through. Well I guess I am not going to put videos up because I can’t figure it out right now. I have to say if I had more time in life I would enjoy this process, but not enjoying it right now. I did watch the digital connections when they talked about adding video but I can’t remember and now I am just frustrated because I should know this and I am on a time crunch and don’t feel like I have time to go back and watch everything so  I will figure it out on a later blog. I am just going to add this rant of frustration right now so I can let it go. I do want to share my videos still but I will do that at a later date. I am hoping that I will have time tomorrow to look at the how to do this. Sorry people…. Anyway I did want to mention that I am still working hard on greeting my days with love. I have noticed that when I say in my mind I love you it does make me smile and my eyes always connect with the person. I find it help lift my spirits and hold myself with full confidence. I will continue sharing my experience on my the next entry because I have a lot of growth I do want to share. Take care my new friends.


Scroll 1 moving into scroll 2 week 6

Well my week has gotten away from me and I am writing my blog a day late. I need to be honest, for honestly sets me free, so please forgive. I have struggled everyday reading GS 3x daily this week. Not because of time, well time is always a struggle, but what I notice is I am digging my heals in and not wanting to read scroll 2, or as I was reading the scroll and my mind is not cooperating with me :(. I kept reading it over and over trying to absorb the messages in the scroll, but my body kept wanting to return to scroll 1. There were so many good messages in scroll 1 and I can live and create motion following scroll 1. In reality I just didn’t want to give people who I struggle with love. Just to give some back ground here, I work in an oppressive environment where the supervisors think they are God, well second best, and they know everything. They have tasked my team to deliver a master plan for moving into our new centre but every time we deliver they don’t approve and tell the team that we are not invested in the project, this is the farthest from the truth. My trouble is greeting them every morning with love, this is hard for me. I’ve even mentioned to them that I am greeting the day with love and tried doing exactly what the scroll told me to do, haha. It is going to take me a lot of practice. Naturally, I am a fighter and when I feel bullied or less then, my instincts are so engrained. Loving in this moment is very hard. I do know that I can get through this and I am a survivor. Them making me feel small is a message of their own insecurities and this I know. As I read my Scroll this morning, I noticed that my resistance is not overbearing and my subby is overcoming :).

Before I end my blog today, I just wanted to mention that I have loved doing my movie poster board, this was super fun and I loved how its opened up my heart to receiving all the gifts that are waiting for me. Wow life is so motivating, I can create my journey and then live each day to my fullest to fulfill the creation I’ve created. My hope is everyone pursing a dream/goal receive the smaller gifts that are attached to the dream and greet the blessings with love and gratitude. God Bless, Folks

Press Release Week 5

As I walk into Darren Hardy Hardy’s studio, I am nervous and excited that someone of such prestige is wanting to hear how I built my MLM business. I smell the rich leather as I walk into the small office with big comfortable brown leather chairs and a side table with 2 bottles of water. Darren approaches me with a professional smile, wearing a navy blue suit and a light blue shirt under his jacket. Darren smells wonderful, looks, wonderful and is treating me wonderful as he gives me a warm welcome and a firm hand shake. Darren tells his producers to get ready and invites me to have a seat. Wow I remember the butterflies in my stomach just going bipolar, the chairs where large and soft to the touch. Oh my god, my brain kept repeating.

Darren; Welcome to Success Magazine Nicole, it’s great to have you here today.

Me; Thanks Darren, it’s a real pleasure to being here

Darren; Well let’s start off with sharing your story on how you’ve built a home based million dollar business, in a time of an economic recession?

Me; I honestly have to say Darren, my journey was not easy. I was living in a small conservative city with individuals who honestly believed that the oil field was going to spring back and everyone would begin making their normal paying jobs and life would go on. As for the ones outside of the oil field well they were gov’t workers who believed they would work hard for the pensions and let the union fight for their jobs as the economy got more desperate and major cuts where happening. What I realized, in all of this, was that I couldn’t change the way others thought or did stuff but I could look at what I can, so my journey really began when I decided to change some of my day to day habits. I needed to feel like I was growing instead of feeling like I was failing.

Darren; changing habits, or routine is a good way, what did you change?

Me; I decided to dedicated myself to 6 months of “The miracle morning” by Hal Elrod’s work book. It’s a book that focuses on The Life Savers, which means I spend as little as 6 mins to a max of whatever amount of time before 8am. The focus is Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing (journaling). This new habit really directed my day and set my focus, I even remembered the date every day because as you all know when you’re on your 5 day work week the only day you know is, is it Monday or Wednesday. I routinely did this for about 3 month and then I started another habit called
Mater Key Mastermind Alliances (MKMMA). This program really helped me discover my Dharma. Finding my dharma helped me become clear with my true self and it created a change in my focus. There is a lot to this program, too much to share, all I know is that the whole program helped me grow in all areas of my life.

Darren; So, as I am hearing you began this journey by changing your own behaviors every day, so how did the change grow your business?

Me; Well Darren, the more I worked on myself the more confident and secure I became, also my dharma pushed me to pick up the phone, work overtime and talk to people in a way that they wanted to know more about me. That’s the switch that clicked, people wanted to learn more about my life. My excitement was contagious and others where curious.

Darren; As most people understand you got to give to get so what was something that you did for your community to give back?

Me; Well Darren I thought long and hard about this because I wanted to give something that would have an impact so I decided to connect with the women shelter and give back to women who needed extra support getting back on their feet. It was an ultimate gift to give which also not only impacted one person but it continues to grow today and enhance many more lives that have been impacted by violence. Our House is a home for women to continue their journey of getting and receiving support to work on themselves while living in a safe secure home with their children up to 1 year.

Darren; Wow, how has this opened doors for you? And how can others help support you on this journey of helping women grow?

Me; Darren this process has brought so many blessings to my life, I’ve had the opportunity to not only work and grow along side with these women but to watch them build and outgrow every goal they have made for themselves. It’s a real community engaging, supportive environment that’s designed for growth.

Darren; Well Nicole I love hearing about those that create something so powerful that it impacts others in a way that is phenomenal. I would like to donate to your cause if I can? I believe in your cause and would like to show women that support is found everywhere including from around the world. How would $10000.00 sound?

Me; Darren that is so generous, Thank you from Our House. I feel more blessed now then even getting an opportunity to sit and talk with you. Thanks you so much.

Darren: Well Nicole, Keep working hard and building up women, Thanks for coming in and sharing your story, God Bless.

Week 5 Frustration and Patience

Well I must say that I did finish my Press Release although I was working on it in Microsoft office and I believed I could copy and paste, haha ya no deal, so back to the drawing broad. This week has created extra pressures on me because I decided to engage in a family birthday party on Sunday which set me a day behind. In know now I am making excuses for not getting my work done on time, but it gets better. I also hurt my thumb the week prior and I have difficulty typing now my thumb is inactive, lol. And now this stupid word press will not allow me to copy and past :0    :(.

Anyway I wanted to share some funny thoughts around not having an  opinion. Well what a chore this is for me. Wow I am a terrible person who is judgmental and opinionated and it’s now over, haha. Please don’t take me the wrong here, I am just having  fun, I don’t think I am scum. Its just funny when you start listening to yourself, If it ain’t facts don’t say it!  When I started practicing I noticed that I would caught myself faster saying the opinion when it was a negative opinion but when it was a positive opinion I would miss it, so I got my family and co-workers to call me out on it if they heard me because this is a great skill to practice,for the sake of all human kind. I want to be a better person with high Integrity. The word integrity  I feel is used lightly with most people, and yet again this is my opinion haha.  I am open to hearing, learning and working with others but I also stand tall for the things I believe in, and at times am willing to stand alone in my beliefs while others coward. I know this sounds like it may be a opinion but I have people tell me a lot of the time they wish they had the courage I have. it’s not a about courage its about what I believe. I believe people should be able to work in a safe environment without bullying and yes this seems like a issue that most will not encounter but it happens all over, and over time, the bullied workers no longer have a say because others are scared to stand tall with the bullied  because they too don’t want to be bullied by others in management. I really could go on and on with this topic but I will refrain myself because I now need to start typing out my press release. To all that read God Bless!