MKMMA Week 1- Nicole Kearley

Wow week one is here and almost over. I’ve got to be honest this first week has been a bit overwhelming at times. I finished my DMP and that was stressful. School has never been my strong suit and writing was my poorest subject, so doing all these written assignments really challenges me. It is good for me to push myself into my uncomfortable areas but it’s the people that have to read my stuff that I feel for. I once had a professor tell me that reading my reports was painful, lol. The funny thing is I understand what she was saying, my brain just don’t work this way. It’s the same for reading, I hate it. I am a bad reader but I’ve noticed that I have gotten much better at reading in the past 10 years, it still isn’t my best way to learn but it always gets better with the more I practice. I also have learned that reading is a great way to strengthen my thoughts and beliefs. We are what we read, the people we hang with and the activities we do. Well I guess I am ready for week 2, bring it on!


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