MKMMA Week 2 Nicole Kearley

Well I have survived week 2. I am really enjoying the fact that I am taking my learning to the next level but I am struggling with keeping up with all the readings in a day. I find that my morning reading and evening readings are good but the day time readings are slipping. I do know that this is about progress and not perfection. I would like to understand this blogging stuff a bit more but again its about learning, not knowing everything at once. In my experience so far, my DMP has totally changed and I think that is supposed to happen. I have added my PPN’s and integrated them throughout my DMP, which I am beginning  to like reading more and more. I’ve always liked to visualise and dream about how my life can look, feel, smell and be. I am excited about the future I can develop for myself but scared to believe it can happen. scared because what if……. the what ifs can break every dream I’ve dreamt of. I need to change the belief that my dreams are just pipe dreams and that I have created my profession through visualisation and realized again, “if there is a will there is a way.” I do know that what I want bad enough will happen I just need to go forward and not get distracted from all the garbage that can distract my attention. Today I will focus on my blue rectangles.


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