MKMMA week 3 Nicole Kearley

Well I am still on this venture of trying to get organized with all this paper. As soon as I think I got this MKMMA stuff, I realize that I’ve been missing a reading or additions to my cards. Ha ha this is crazy…. Well my week has flown past and I did my best with all my readings and siting still. What I have learned about myself, well I already knew this, but once again it was reinforced that I avoid reading. I have never been a strong reader and I have a learning disability that when I read black words on white backgrounds the words jump around or move, flicker or whatever my day brings to me, whacky. I’ve suffered my whole life with Irlean Syndrome and its amazing how my brain has adapted up to this point. Its been 5 yeas since I learned that Irlean Syndrome even existed and so my reading and writing stuff are not my best skills. So back to MKMMA, well it’s been a gift to me because I enjoy what I’m reading. I love learning about the subconscious mind and how it communicates with the body and how the conscious mind directs the body, wow cool stuff. Well I am excited to continue on this journey and meet  people and hear about their journeys, so now I must stop chatting and find out how to read other blogs… See you all soon on the other side.


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