Overriding the committee in my head (week 4)

well as my days move by so fast I am still struggling with all that needs to be done in my day. I’ve done so well with incorporating my workout during my lunches, and have done that for 7 years now, that adding more into my evenings is my biggest challenge. As most people do, they work there 8 plus hours in a day and then come home to deal with life stuff at home. I am relieved that my step kids have chosen to live fulltime at their mom’s, but it weighs heavy on my heart because I don’t see them. My evenings are not scattered with sports, supper, homework and bedtime but I still am working at building a business and now fulfilling my obligations in MKMMA. I have to be honest, there are some shows on TV that I also like to watch and it’s not about all or nothing it’s about balance. When I talk about the committee of voices that live in my head, they can always distract my very well intended actions with a simple thought, those A#%holes. It is my responsibility to maintain focus for my future. I crave my DMP and want it more then anything, but on a long stressed out day it’s easy to lose focus. I am sure I am not the only human being out there whom feels like this, nor will I be the last. I can’t wait until my life falls more into harmony with this process, which I know it will, so that reading and following through with my actions just becomes, without thinking. I feel in my soul I am almost there but I feel a resistance at times. It is my ego, thought process or external situations they give me push back and I know if I acknowledge and have grace I can get past anything. To all my folks that read this blog I pray that the lord gives you the strength to grown and build your dreams so you can live the life you deserve, not the one you think you can get. God bless


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