Press Release Week 5

As I walk into Darren Hardy Hardy’s studio, I am nervous and excited that someone of such prestige is wanting to hear how I built my MLM business. I smell the rich leather as I walk into the small office with big comfortable brown leather chairs and a side table with 2 bottles of water. Darren approaches me with a professional smile, wearing a navy blue suit and a light blue shirt under his jacket. Darren smells wonderful, looks, wonderful and is treating me wonderful as he gives me a warm welcome and a firm hand shake. Darren tells his producers to get ready and invites me to have a seat. Wow I remember the butterflies in my stomach just going bipolar, the chairs where large and soft to the touch. Oh my god, my brain kept repeating.

Darren; Welcome to Success Magazine Nicole, it’s great to have you here today.

Me; Thanks Darren, it’s a real pleasure to being here

Darren; Well let’s start off with sharing your story on how you’ve built a home based million dollar business, in a time of an economic recession?

Me; I honestly have to say Darren, my journey was not easy. I was living in a small conservative city with individuals who honestly believed that the oil field was going to spring back and everyone would begin making their normal paying jobs and life would go on. As for the ones outside of the oil field well they were gov’t workers who believed they would work hard for the pensions and let the union fight for their jobs as the economy got more desperate and major cuts where happening. What I realized, in all of this, was that I couldn’t change the way others thought or did stuff but I could look at what I can, so my journey really began when I decided to change some of my day to day habits. I needed to feel like I was growing instead of feeling like I was failing.

Darren; changing habits, or routine is a good way, what did you change?

Me; I decided to dedicated myself to 6 months of “The miracle morning” by Hal Elrod’s work book. It’s a book that focuses on The Life Savers, which means I spend as little as 6 mins to a max of whatever amount of time before 8am. The focus is Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing (journaling). This new habit really directed my day and set my focus, I even remembered the date every day because as you all know when you’re on your 5 day work week the only day you know is, is it Monday or Wednesday. I routinely did this for about 3 month and then I started another habit called
Mater Key Mastermind Alliances (MKMMA). This program really helped me discover my Dharma. Finding my dharma helped me become clear with my true self and it created a change in my focus. There is a lot to this program, too much to share, all I know is that the whole program helped me grow in all areas of my life.

Darren; So, as I am hearing you began this journey by changing your own behaviors every day, so how did the change grow your business?

Me; Well Darren, the more I worked on myself the more confident and secure I became, also my dharma pushed me to pick up the phone, work overtime and talk to people in a way that they wanted to know more about me. That’s the switch that clicked, people wanted to learn more about my life. My excitement was contagious and others where curious.

Darren; As most people understand you got to give to get so what was something that you did for your community to give back?

Me; Well Darren I thought long and hard about this because I wanted to give something that would have an impact so I decided to connect with the women shelter and give back to women who needed extra support getting back on their feet. It was an ultimate gift to give which also not only impacted one person but it continues to grow today and enhance many more lives that have been impacted by violence. Our House is a home for women to continue their journey of getting and receiving support to work on themselves while living in a safe secure home with their children up to 1 year.

Darren; Wow, how has this opened doors for you? And how can others help support you on this journey of helping women grow?

Me; Darren this process has brought so many blessings to my life, I’ve had the opportunity to not only work and grow along side with these women but to watch them build and outgrow every goal they have made for themselves. It’s a real community engaging, supportive environment that’s designed for growth.

Darren; Well Nicole I love hearing about those that create something so powerful that it impacts others in a way that is phenomenal. I would like to donate to your cause if I can? I believe in your cause and would like to show women that support is found everywhere including from around the world. How would $10000.00 sound?

Me; Darren that is so generous, Thank you from Our House. I feel more blessed now then even getting an opportunity to sit and talk with you. Thanks you so much.

Darren: Well Nicole, Keep working hard and building up women, Thanks for coming in and sharing your story, God Bless.


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