Week 5 Frustration and Patience

Well I must say that I did finish my Press Release although I was working on it in Microsoft office and I believed I could copy and paste, haha ya no deal, so back to the drawing broad. This week has created extra pressures on me because I decided to engage in a family birthday party on Sunday which set me a day behind. In know now I am making excuses for not getting my work done on time, but it gets better. I also hurt my thumb the week prior and I have difficulty typing now my thumb is inactive, lol. And now this stupid word press will not allow me to copy and past :0    :(.

Anyway I wanted to share some funny thoughts around not having an  opinion. Well what a chore this is for me. Wow I am a terrible person who is judgmental and opinionated and it’s now over, haha. Please don’t take me the wrong here, I am just having  fun, I don’t think I am scum. Its just funny when you start listening to yourself, If it ain’t facts don’t say it!  When I started practicing I noticed that I would caught myself faster saying the opinion when it was a negative opinion but when it was a positive opinion I would miss it, so I got my family and co-workers to call me out on it if they heard me because this is a great skill to practice,for the sake of all human kind. I want to be a better person with high Integrity. The word integrity  I feel is used lightly with most people, and yet again this is my opinion haha.  I am open to hearing, learning and working with others but I also stand tall for the things I believe in, and at times am willing to stand alone in my beliefs while others coward. I know this sounds like it may be a opinion but I have people tell me a lot of the time they wish they had the courage I have. it’s not a about courage its about what I believe. I believe people should be able to work in a safe environment without bullying and yes this seems like a issue that most will not encounter but it happens all over, and over time, the bullied workers no longer have a say because others are scared to stand tall with the bullied  because they too don’t want to be bullied by others in management. I really could go on and on with this topic but I will refrain myself because I now need to start typing out my press release. To all that read God Bless!


3 thoughts on “Week 5 Frustration and Patience

    1. Ya this homework is a challenge, our lives are busy, busy. Good job on staying true to all your commitments. Well I will look forward to reading your press release. Thanks for all your comments.


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