Scroll 1 moving into scroll 2 week 6

Well my week has gotten away from me and I am writing my blog a day late. I need to be honest, for honestly sets me free, so please forgive. I have struggled everyday reading GS 3x daily this week. Not because of time, well time is always a struggle, but what I notice is I am digging my heals in and not wanting to read scroll 2, or as I was reading the scroll and my mind is not cooperating with me :(. I kept reading it over and over trying to absorb the messages in the scroll, but my body kept wanting to return to scroll 1. There were so many good messages in scroll 1 and I can live and create motion following scroll 1. In reality I just didn’t want to give people who I struggle with love. Just to give some back ground here, I work in an oppressive environment where the supervisors think they are God, well second best, and they know everything. They have tasked my team to deliver a master plan for moving into our new centre but every time we deliver they don’t approve and tell the team that we are not invested in the project, this is the farthest from the truth. My trouble is greeting them every morning with love, this is hard for me. I’ve even mentioned to them that I am greeting the day with love and tried doing exactly what the scroll told me to do, haha. It is going to take me a lot of practice. Naturally, I am a fighter and when I feel bullied or less then, my instincts are so engrained. Loving in this moment is very hard. I do know that I can get through this and I am a survivor. Them making me feel small is a message of their own insecurities and this I know. As I read my Scroll this morning, I noticed that my resistance is not overbearing and my subby is overcoming :).

Before I end my blog today, I just wanted to mention that I have loved doing my movie poster board, this was super fun and I loved how its opened up my heart to receiving all the gifts that are waiting for me. Wow life is so motivating, I can create my journey and then live each day to my fullest to fulfill the creation I’ve created. My hope is everyone pursing a dream/goal receive the smaller gifts that are attached to the dream and greet the blessings with love and gratitude. God Bless, Folks


3 thoughts on “Scroll 1 moving into scroll 2 week 6

  1. Good thoughts. Love is a choice. I have often wondered if it is possible to love someone without really liking them. Love is wanting the other person to be fulfilled and make their life better. I guess if we are a channel for God or the Universe, we can do that without “liking” them.

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