OMG Week 7

Well good day, not a whole lot is going on besides the fact that I am playing caught up. I’ve decided to do something a bit different for my readers because this blog is all about my journey of personal development and I want to share some of great videos of things I have done, or put myself through. Well I guess I am not going to put videos up because I can’t figure it out right now. I have to say if I had more time in life I would enjoy this process, but not enjoying it right now. I did watch the digital connections when they talked about adding video but I can’t remember and now I am just frustrated because I should know this and I am on a time crunch and don’t feel like I have time to go back and watch everything so  I will figure it out on a later blog. I am just going to add this rant of frustration right now so I can let it go. I do want to share my videos still but I will do that at a later date. I am hoping that I will have time tomorrow to look at the how to do this. Sorry people…. Anyway I did want to mention that I am still working hard on greeting my days with love. I have noticed that when I say in my mind I love you it does make me smile and my eyes always connect with the person. I find it help lift my spirits and hold myself with full confidence. I will continue sharing my experience on my the next entry because I have a lot of growth I do want to share. Take care my new friends.



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