What shall we Think? Week 9


I have really enjoyed the MKMMA readings this week. I’ve gotten so much out of the thought of Unlimited power. All mans desires are wrapped in health, wealth and love. This is so true for myself, the longer I live the more I appreciate my life and continue to do things that help maintain my health.

Wealth, is what I am working on. Creating more financial wealth and spiritual wealth each day as I chip away of my old ego. This is a area that I’ve struggled in for many years and at times became very complacent and have not grown because I am not sure how to grow or I am tired of spinning my wheels and going no where. It’s not that I give up, but I stop. I need to find a new plan but the plan seems to keep me spinning once again. Today I am breaking through and I am gaining traction from all my spinning. I feel my higher power working in magical ways to help me have a break through. I don’t think it will happen today but each step I take will bring me closer and closer to my goals.

And then love. I love to love but I love to hate. At times I become very judgmental not only on others but on myself. I will look at others for judgment to build myself back up. This is not the person I want to be. I want to share love with all I meet, greet and have contact with. I want to build a bridge of connections. For we are all Gods children with qualities to be admired, including myself. Each person that crosses my path in life I will learn from. that is why God has sent them to me.

To know the Truth is to be in harmony with the infinite and omnipotent power. Every action which is not in harmony with truth will result in discord, and eventual loss. What a deep statement. One thing I’m constant with, is my honesty. I believe others are as well. I check with others to see if my honest perception is similar to theirs. I see and hear others sharing their lives in a honest way but they have a different perception then what I’ve seen, heard, felt at times. I feel that another important aspect in honesty is asking others for feedback. We are all human and I am not looking for fault or to blame, hurt or to discount. I am simply saying if you don’t ask for feedback from others who have your best interest at heart you never really know if your being truly honest.  I’ve said things which I thought where honest until I really looked at the situation and receive feedback. This is something we all do. When you walk into a store and the worker asks how’s your day is? what do we all say? Good, Fine, well, or ok. The truth is I am sad, upset or maybe excited. My reaction of telling a white lie does not help me, the worker or the situation. Now I am not saying you need to tell all, to everyone, what I am saying is, stay in turn with truth and stay in turn to the unlimited power we all have access to.

Until next time my Friends,

Take Care

Nicole Kearley


1 thought on “What shall we Think? Week 9

  1. I love the fact that we are all reading the same material, and yet, the material speaks to each one of us in a different way depending on where we are on our journey. I really appreciated your comment about people asking how we are. The neat thing that I have learned from this course is we have the choice of how we feel at any given moment. It is my choice. If my head is in the right place, no one has control over how I feel but me. Thank you for giving me this insight. I loved reading your blog.


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